The Great White Beyond

by One Inch Giant

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Available on Soulseller Records


released April 19, 2013

All songs written by Lugo Mendez except The Sea Opened Up (Åstrand / Lugo Mendez) and Awaiting the Wave (Åstrand).

All songs produced by One Inch Giant
Album design by Filip Åstrand
Photo by Anders Nils Nilsson
Recorded at Top Floor Studios and Nacksving Studios
Mastered by Göran Finnberg
Mixed by Svein Jensen at Grand Recordings Studio



all rights reserved


One Inch Giant Sweden

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Track Name: The Sea Opened Up
As long as I remember, the stars have been our guide
Travelling across the oceans, together side by side
Set sail and weigh the anchor, just following the stream
And this time we shall find you, now we’ll be redeemed

Making our way
Through night and day
In search on the sea
Fortune, find thee

The Unknown
A Phantom

We’re casting about and our courage is low
What if we’re only chasing shadows?
Only chasing shadows!

At the edge of the world, we found our goal
The sea opened up, and swallowed us whole
Track Name: Mountains Will Erode
Your screams they are silent
In the eye of the storm
They are all turning violent
Twisted by their form

At the top of your lungs
Your world comes crashing down
At the tip of your tongue
Your laugh will finally drown

The world as you know will implode
The mountains will erode

Mountains will erode!

Fill your lungs with earth
To pollute the sound
Breathe out once again
The wind by which we’re bound

They’re calling out your name
Their own words returned
This thing that you became
Despite all things you’ve learned?
Track Name: Malva
Walking crowded streets, all alone
A million faces, not a single smile
I see an army, with no use
So I keep on walking, turned to stone

A journey through time
A journey through space
I’m exiting now
I’m leaving this place

Laying in my bed, my eyes are closed
Listening to the echoes, in my mind
I’m leaving, soon I’m far away
I’m exiting my body, heavily dozed

A journey through time
A journey through space
I’m exiting now
I’m leaving this place

Walking these streets, I stop for a while
My grim face turns to a smile
Track Name: Only Scorn Remains
Due to you
All these people have been yearning
Due to you
All their fires have been burning

But nothing was real
I’m delusional once again
I’m wasting away
I’m pearls before them swine

Due to you
They’ve all taken a beating
Due to you
On your lies they’ve been feeding

Amusement is gone
And gravity’s not your friend
Freedom is won
Problems are long gone yeah

Immolation is done
Oblation to what bitter end
Freedom is won
Go seek your new best friend

Due to you
They’ve been subjected to staining
Due to you
Only scorn is remaining
Track Name: Tell Meteor From Star
High upon the mountain
I gaze beyond the wall
Up close or in the distance
Here I can see you all

The air’s starting to clear
My sight is reaching far
Piercing through the void
tell meteor from star

A moulting of skin
And a shift of shape
It’s wearin’ thin,
Now exposed, it turns to escape

Following intuition
I am witnessing fission
The transition now is done
It is brighter than the sun
Track Name: The Years of Mist
I’ve tried to appeal
To the global mind
But things that I reveal
Are things they do not hope to find


Extract the body
Dispose it in unity
Then break your shackles
And enter opportunity

When unravelling
A piece of mind
They’re only shattering
What they hope they would have found

If you’re to co-exist
You must see it all through
The years of mist
To see the greatest view
The greatest view!
Track Name: Awaiting The Wave
Listening to distant chattering
Passing by, passing by
Voices in my head are rumbling
It sucks me dry, sucks me dry

People are asking all these questions
I don’t reply, I don’t reply
So I’m sinking in deeper in
And don’t comply, don’t comply

I am longing for a sound to
Fill me up inside, fill me up inside
I am waiting for a wave to
Turn the tide around, turn the tide around

But in a room with no view, I see
A vision come true, and it stands beside me
An apparition with no shape that I see
Is turning around, now I see it before me
Track Name: My Unshaped Form
I’ve been waiting for too long
Though I’m not where I belong
I’m in a place, that’s far from home
And in the shadow is where I roam
I have been waiting for the day
When my own time is washed away

Freeze it down
And cut it out
Make your crown
Just scream and shout

I am counting all the days
‘Til time is wasted away
And the number of ways
That night is turned into day

And my limbs are turned into clay
And my eyes are going black
It’s the price which I must pay
If I’ll stop and turn my back

Heat it up
And spill it out
An emptied cup
A silent shout

I’ve been waiting for the day
When my time is washed away
Believe me when I say
You’ll sit upon your throne
With your skin peeled
In silence you’ll moan
Your fate will be sealed
Track Name: A Fear Aflame
I am left with one question on my mind
And no straight line, a path I must unwind
They are feeding me, lies that never end
I’ll exit safety now, but all the pain I’ll transcend

Let it take control
Nowhere left to flee
Devouring you whole
Now setting you free

As high as a mountain
As hot as a flame
Embrace your weakness
Remember my name
Stare it in the eye
Let it burn you high

You’re laying on the floor, watching the walls cave in
A feeling known to you, creeping under your skin
A shape in front of you, stare it in the eye
It’s setting you aflame and then burning you high
Track Name: The Great White Beyond
A cold wind is blowing
From the great white beyond
The shimmering ice is growing
Sealing all life in its bond

Field of vision
Is covered with a lack of life
Hand of God’s severed
To isolation things will strive

A cold wind is blowing
From the great white beyond

Eternal winter deployed
No horizon in the distance
There can be no life in the void
Erasing the trace of existence

Winter has come
All life will succumb